CD: Cold Meat Industry CMI120 [2003]

The Story of the Three Little Pigs
The Beast in the Arms of God
Jolly Fool
And Enemy You Are
And the Big Bad Wolf
The Armies of the Earth
Hey Trolly Lolly Loo
Well I Never!
Girlish Eyes and Girlish Lies
A Black Madonna From Russia With Aw Aah

Nod formed in 1996, appearing on the Cold Meat Industry Compilations "Nihil" and "Estheticks of Cruelty". "The Story of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf" is their third release.

The opening track is a very dark take on the well-known fairy tale. The music is a steady drone with the verses of the tale being interrupted with great chugging rhythms. The main narrator is an English-speaking female, the little pigs are the voice of a child and the wolf is a Mortiis style male voice. With music reminiscent of MZ.412, this is my favourite track of the whole album. "The Beast inthe Arms of God" features plucked strings alone then some great power electronics with male vocals. Very rhythmic with few keychanges. This reminds me of Brighter Death Now's heavier moments. "And" features strange 70's sounding electronic keyboards, distorted electronics and a beautiful female voice speaking/singing over..."I have forgotten who I am and what I need to do". "Jolly Fool" opens with distorted screaming then some pretty heavy, slow electronic rhythms with glitches. The track gets more layered and heavier with distorted bass. For some unknown reason, this track ends with a miaowing cat. "And Enemy You Are" features electronic waves and drones with whispered vocals. A deep male voice in English, but European, preceeds echoed beats interspersed then constant. Quite a quiet track for this album. "And the Big Bad Wolf" doesn't hang about; straight into power electronic mayhem, harsh and abrasive electronics without rhythms. A chugging, heavy rhythm is followed by a slightly distorted male voice shouting over. Very similar to Brighter Death Now. More distorted eletronics, in the style of MZ.412 ("In Nomine..."), feature on the track "The Armies of the Earth"; dirges and fluctuating vocals are male and female, overlapping and difficult to discern. "Hey Trolly Lolly Loo" opens with distorted rhythms with 'whipping' percussion then into manic electronic samples over dirges. The track gets heavier, denser and harsher with a very distorted female voice. "Well I Never" is a great track: light percussion over dark ambient drones. A sinister male voice is followed by an echoed child's voice; chanting/singing "Well I never!" cheeky! More influences of MZ.412/BDN are evident on "Girlish Eyes and Girlish Lies"; here distorted electronic bass rhythms introduce a constant, high pitched note. A repetitive track which veers into dark ambient for a time. The last track "A Black Madonna From Russia With Aw Aah" continues the distorted electronic thread with more rhythmic elements, the beat getting faster. A male voice choir is just discernable over fast noisy beats and it ends with a xylophone piece. The only qualm I have with this song is a dodgy scream in the middle.

This release highlights the new breed of noisy Cold Meat Industry acts and is an essential release in any collection. A very confident contender.


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