CD: Onyxia ONYX003 [2004]

Tekopyhät ystävät
Torstai perjantai
Pinch me darling
Glycerine tears

This is a great release (first full length CD) from Henbkka Kyllonen on the Onyxia label. It comes in a well presented digipack with some cool artwork by Samuli Kontio.

'Tekopyhät ystävät
' - a slow opening with some minimal piano melody with some nice additional ambient samples. This subsides into drone with the occasional bird chirp. The track proceeds at a controlled rate to fade-out. 'Gloom' has a strong synthetic drone opening evolving into abrasive low frequency oscillations and high frequency over tones. This allows for subsidence of the low frequencies to fade-out. 'Torstai Perjantai' has a dark ambient opening with heavy drone overtones. A distinct melody begins to permeate the thick wall of drone with additional vocal samples. 'Pinch Me Darling' - a well titled track - begins with a dark ambient opening describing cavernous and guttural minimal soundscapes. Although textures change there is a continual theme of minimal dark ambient. Low frequency soundscapes evolve into more high frequency textures. Now low frequencies are intermittent as the track decays slowly to a gradual end. 'Unipuu' opens with ambient drone and melancholic melody. A broad mix of samples and soundscapes make this a less predictable and somewhat more chaotic track. The partial emphasis on melody here, with beautiful use of female voice, hold the listeners attention well. With 'Kosteus' we have an abrasive and dark opening with drone soundscapes filtering through the rich abrasion. Gong-like samples develop through the track producing an almost Koner-esque soundscape. These subside as we return to abrasive tones with evolving melody. A varied track that stands out from the rest on this CD. 'Glycerine Tears' features ambient soundscapes, grating low frequency oscillations with abrasive sounds overlaid. A watery introduction to 'Ovi', a dark ambient piece with overlaid drone. This develops with some nice samples and a bit of ring modulation. Some good vocal effects are added to enhance the dark tone of the track.


[No Xivic] / [Onyxia]

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