CD: Tantric Terror 01

Creatures of the Aether
The Writhing Darkness
Wormwould (Live 2.16.01)
Cremation Ground
Corpus Callosum
Temporal Vortex

"Shadow Fracture" opens with the fantastic track "Altard"; slow, reverberating, rhythmic electronics over a pulsating drone, progressively becoming more distorted. Layers weave over and under one another, fading in and out with quiet moments. Overall a very absorbing piece which would appeal to fans of Sonar; as would "Nganga" with its mid-tempo, harsh rhythmic beats. "Rellik" features overlayered electronics with strange voice samples reminiscent of pigs! Repetitive with cuts and glitches. I think this song would be fantastic as an instrumental piece. "Creatures of the Aether" is a dense, rumbling dark ambient piece bringing to mind the old-school CMI sounds (e.g. Archon Satani, Raison D'Être or Megaptera), or Lustmord; very cold and tense with soaring electronic samples and reverbs. A beautiful track and a long one at 11mins. Also comparable are the tracks "Wormwould" (another long piece at 13mins) and "Cremation Ground". "The Writhing Darkness" is quite an experimental track in comparison to the rest of the album: clanks and sporadic percussion with clicks and bumps with panning waves and reverbs. More of an exercise in sampling than a song. I'm not very keen on the track "Corpus Callosum" which I would put down to the keyboard sound; but this is a short track and should not detract from the other excellent tracks on this album. The grand finale is "Temporal Vortex", a blistering track with vibrating and slightly distorted electronic rhythms. A well-structured and engrossing piece which feels more like a song than most of the other tracks. Similar in places to Inade. A beautiful ending.


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