CD: Tantric Terror 02

Intro (Rellik I)
The House is Alive
Ghosts and Blood
Temple of the Djinn
Beyond the Gate
Full Moon Eclipse
Wormwould (Studio)
As Above, So Below

"Abominations" launches straight into "Intro (Rellik I)"; dense, quite fast and tightly-packed vibrating rhythms for all of one minute. "The House is Alive" begins with a film sample, slightly slowed down....then crashing electronics with distorted, echoed samples fading into one another, reversed effects and glitches. A multitude of samples, electronic and voice, fight to overtake one another. No rhythms or beats, but still quite harsh in places, then just eerie! "Goetia" begins with a steady drone and distorted voice samples. Then a dense, distored, electronic sample ala MZ.412. A very dark track, subtler electronic samples can be heard underneath making it slightly uncomfortable for the listener. "Skinwalker" has light, but distorted and echoed electronics with a spacey feel. Voice samples are barely audible...reminiscent of Troum. The track changes direction with a guitar, fastly and repetitively plucked. Quiet samples join in with crackling electronics gradually finding their way in. "Ghosts and Blood" begins with clicking and a distorted electronic backdrop. Harsh and heavy beats emerge with a voice sample similar to that on "Goetia". The beats get faster and overlayer one another to echo and finish. Wooden, steel percussion and electronic samples open "Temple of the Djinn" giving it a middle-eastern feel. Drones enter and everything takes on an echo. "Beyond the Gate" is an orchestral piece moving into some spacey static samples, whipping samples and reverberated electronics. A superb piece at 12 mins. Another long piece, "Full Moon Eclipse", is a nightmare soundtrack with groans and moans, clicks and rumbles, and creepie-crawlies. Quite a minimal and repetitive piece that maybe doesn't warrant the 12 minute length. "Wormwould" (also featured on "Shadow Fracture") is real beauty of a track with melting drones and barely audible shifts in samples and slow, repetitive electronics. Quite haunting and enveloping. "Nocturne" is a very heavy, dark track with slow and repetitive ambient drones and distorted voice samples. A few spacey samples stand alone over these soundscapes. "As Above, So Below" begins with rattle snakes, overlapping clicks and a strange voice sample under. Glitches, clicks, bumps, squeaking, whizzing and other bizarre electronic samples feature and don't really fit into the rest of the album.

Not as strong as "Shadow Fracture", I would still recommend this piece as most of the tracks are consistent with the strong Nitrous Flesh sound - a worthwhile release which comes in a nice DVD box.


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