CD: Total Holocaust Records THR25 [2004]

Jäsande Lera
Castrol: 265695

And lo God did summon Noah before him and Noah did trek many miles to hear the words of God. Noah heard God say as he approached: ‘What the fucketh is that you’re listening to on your Walkman Noah?’ And Noah did reply: ‘Whyeth it’s Niellerade Falibilisthorstar oh Lord.’ And God did scowl and say unto Noah: ‘That’s total shite.’ Noah bowing before his God replied: ‘I liketh it God. It puteth the ‘E’ back into experimental.’ Lo the clouds did began to darken greatly. God looked upon Noah and said: ‘Does it now.’ Growing slightly worried Noah said unto God: ‘But Lord…the combined use of scrapes, glitches and rasps with the various tapes of differing sounds and vocal shouts maketh for a uniqueth experience.’ God did scowl at Noah and sayeth: ‘And you like this doth thou Noah?’ Quaking slightly Noah did reply: ‘It appeals to my sense of humour Lord.’ Noah spoke hesitantly again unto God saying: ‘It won’teth appeal to everyone though.’ Lo the lightning did crack and the thunder did begin to rumble. God looketh down at Noah and bellowed: ‘You’re fucking righteth there my son.’ And Noah did tremble before God and sayeth: ‘But you created it Lord so you must liketh it also.’ And lo he started to feel afraid. God did smile snidely. He looketh down at Noah and said: ‘Right again Noah. To each their own I suppose.’ Noah did laugh with relief for he kneweth that "Hackelsekista" would appeal only to those after a taste for the bizarre and strange.

Noah did say unto God: ‘What did you call me here for Lord?’ And God replied: ‘Nothing Noah. Just wanted to make sure you were ok.’ No-one likes a fuckin smartarse thought God unto himself. So Noah did trudge back to his wife and children with the sounds of "Hackelsekista" still playing in his ears. ‘Fucketh’ he said unto himself. ‘It’s starting to rain’.


[Niellerade Falibilisthorstar] / [THR]

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