CDR: Void Rekordz 014 [2005]
Ltd x 75

Niegrzeczna Pensjonarka:
The Sieve of Death
...and She'll come for You
The Unfinished Thought

Sublime Addiction
Play the Game

Kult returns for another split cdr recording on the Void Rekordz label. Once more very limited, to 75 copies, and once again featuring evocative / provocative black & white pictures of leather glad / bound women in various states of undress on the DVD cover and insert. On "Fetish Industry" Raven-B is joined by Niegrzeczna Pensjonarka, a Polish duo, who have released four previous recordings…including a split release on the Beast of Prey label with Paranoia Inducta.

Niegrzeczna Pensjonarka contribute six tracks mixing extreme noise pollution with analogue Industrial and a variety of entertaining samples. Some of a sexual nature. Bung in distorted vocals, screaming high / low frequencies, weird shrieks from a demented woman, throbbing machine based thudding sonic overloads and you’ve got the perfect evenings entertainment. Fuck me if these boys aren’t hardcore. If power noise be your thing then these six tracks are worth the purchase price of the CDR alone.

But much as how I appreciated the glorifying unsettling pandemonium of Niegrzeczna Pensjonarka it was the five tracks contributed by Kult that I was really looking forward to hearing. Having wetted my appetite with the two tracks on the Kult / Humiliation "Split" release [read here] there were many questions that needed answering. Would the sexual aspects previously touched on be brought to the fore? Would the mix of old type Industrial rhythmic noise / Power Electronics still be in place? Could I get my rocks off to the music? I really shouldn’t have worried. Joining Raven-B on these five tracks is the elusive and quite beautiful looking K…written in a totally non sexist context naturally. Given more room to breath and build the sonics into a more tangible force the five tracks are awash with inventive playfulness. Still harsh…my ears are still recovering…the raw power of the electronic hits the sweet G spot throughout. Mixing the screamed echoing vocals with porno samples (then again who knows) and crafting them around the dynamic rhythms and sound sculptures was a sensible decision on Kult’s part. Although basing their material on the fetish scene, titles such as ‘Sublime Addiction’, ‘Whoredog’, ‘Play the game’, ‘Control’ and ‘Humilliate’ emphasises this point, the music will appeal to noise freaks everywhere. The sexual nature of the tracks is merely another selling point which will draw in like minded souls.

Just as with Kult / Humiliation this latest release from the Void Rekordz label is seriously worth checking out. Whether you’re turned on by power electronics as a whole or noise consisting of a deviant nature then there’s much guilty pleasure to be gained here from these two enterprising groups.


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