CDR: God Is Myth GIM008 [2004]

Cold, Dying Sun
Prophet II
Rex Verminorum
Oblivion White Shroud
Approaching The Shadows

The problem with jokes is that most don’t age well. What makes us laugh today becomes less hilarious over the years. Yet there are some jokes that are timeless. Tell them 20 - 30 years later and they still have us splitting our sides with laughter. For example: ‘How do you know your sister is on her period? When your dad’s cock tastes funny!’

Likewise some music loses its freshness and appeal mere months after being released. New Risen Throne…nope I’ve never heard of them before…have risen to this challenge and released a record that will still enthral you when you’re drawing your pension from the Post Office. "Chants for the Cold and Dying Sun" is a master class in icy cold claustrophobic ambient music. Yes we’re treading down the well worn footsteps laid down by other like minded artists of times past and present. And yes everything that is to be expected musically with this style is all present and correct. Thank you very much. But what makes this stand out is something indefinable. "Chants for the Cold and Dying Sun" has the ‘X or It’ factor, call it what you will, that separates it from the norm. Maybe it’s the subdued and submerged voices that echo in the background. Maybe it’s the way the sounds seem to burrow deeply into the subconscious making for a nauseous yet exhilarating experience. Maybe it’s the uncontrollable urge to keep replaying it time after time. I don’t know and frankly don’t care when the music is this exceptional and, dare I say it, brilliant.

Unlike a tramps well worn pair of underpants this recording will never grow stale and lose its appeal with the passage of time. Think of it as a vintage bottle of port as opposed to a bottle of rancid Buckfast and treat it with respect accordingly.


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