3" CD: Mile 329 329:15 [2004]

Absolute Terror
Static Equilibrium
Beginning Of Sorrows
Long Hard Slog

The Arizona-based Mile 329 label people profess a love for unusual song structures, hacks of classical compositional techniques, and lo-fi computer game music, amongst other things, and this first of two [Check out Wreathy's release here] novel 3" four-track CDs could almost be a showcase for their approach.

The title track mixes a noisy ambience with a baroque organ melody, only the organ in this case sounds more like a retro FM synth chip. The same feel continues into 'Static Equilibrium', which brings in lush string sounds and some pretty chunky percussion, and 'Beginning of Sorrows' which sounds simultaneously even more baroque and even more Commodore 64 than the opener. Bach to the future? Sorry. 'Long Hard Slog' on the other hand keeps the general sound but goes for more of a late-medieval or 'early music' feel, a little like the kind of thing that crops up on :wumpscut: albums here and there.

This is patently industrial music for classically-trained closet goths who spent their pubescent years addicted to R-Type, Starglider and Head Over Heels, so it gets a thumbs-up from me. The little sleeve's quite nicely designed too.


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