CDR: Umbra 028 [2005]
Ltd x 99

Whirling lights beyond the firmament
The expanding firmament
Firmament in obscurity
Hidden universe
Firmament, watching itself
Firmament in collision

Netherworld is Alessandro Tedeschi, a mid-twenties-ish long time listener and collector of ambient music. Netherworld is the name that Tedeschi uses to identify his on-going dark ambient project. Netherworld is dark, esoteric, isolationist, stark cold atmospheres, and deep damp nocturnal landscapes. Umbra/Penumbra label that Tedeschi has been recording for since 2004.

"Firmament In Obscurity" is a collection of seven songs mixed and mastered by Umbra / Penumbra label boss Oöphoi. This is once again Netherworld working with field recordings and synthesis. He also tosses in gong, voice and silver keys giving the treatments a more organic feel which compliments the source material well. There is a unifying theme to the tracks here. Each of the seven tracks deals with an aspect of exploring the 'Firmament' - the open night sky. Not only in title but also in approach to the manipulation of the source material. The subtle drones that Tedeschi synthesizes around the field recordings used here and his discriminating application of voice are nothing short of hypnotic - not unlike the Firmament itself.


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