CDR: Penumbra 004 [2005]


Netherworld is Alessandro Tedeschi, a mid-twenties-ish long time listener and collector of ambient music. Netherworld is the name that Tedeschi uses to identify his on-going dark ambient project. Netherworld is dark, esoteric, isolationist, stark cold atmospheres, and deep damp nocturnal landscapes. Umbra/Penumbra label that Tedeschi has been recording for since 2004.

"Lost" is a collaboration with vocalist Fiorenza Gheradi de Candei who contributes chant and text to this just over twenty minute piece. Based on the same Scottish Highlands source material as "Otherworldly Abyss" and "Firmament in Obscurity", "Lost" is a beautiful blending of ethereal ambience and the speaking and singing voices of the two performers. There is a strong sense of form here. The twenty-two minutes of this exploration have a very clear 'beginning', 'middle' and 'end'. The organisation manifests itself in the unfolding of de Candei's vocal. Subtle though it may be, the implementation of her voice goes through a very definite process of development. From mere wisps of melody to a full on high-tension exposition on "...a way out..." punctuated by nicely processed sung phrases. Once again, Netherworld has created a topography of sounds greater than the sum of it's parts.


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