CDR: Umbra 040 [2005]
Ltd x 99


Netherworld is Alessandro Tedeschi, a mid-twenties-ish long time listener and collector of ambient music. Netherworld is the name that Tedeschi uses to identify his on-going dark ambient project. Netherworld is dark, esoteric, isolationist, stark cold atmospheres, and deep damp nocturnal landscapes. Umbra/Penumbra label that Tedeschi has been recording for since 2004.

Did I hear a microphone bump? There are microphone bumps. They don't enhance the listening experience. Consider removing them in the future. Field recordings made in the Scottish Highlands, some rain. A very cool overall vibe. Netherworld's synthesized augmentations compliment the source material well. It's sometimes not easy to discern where Netherworld starts and the Scottish Highlands end. This ambiguity enriches one's encounter with these forms and structures. There are five tracks here each one over ten minutes in length. The looping clangorous sounds which open the second track provide a stimulating contrast to the first track. It is this type of sublime variety that makes this [assembly] more than just audio wallpaper.


[Neitherworld] / [Umbra]

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