CD: Beast Of Prey BOP 2.3 [2005]

Ltd x 111

Eternal Rest
Everyday Of Doom
The Hourglass
The Weaver
Light Eternal

There are days when I’m reviewing releases that I just know I’m going to write something which will outrage / offend and cause a wad of emails of complaint flooding into poor Jo who will have to bear the brunt of it all. So can I just put in here that if anything is factually wrong or displeasing please don’t waste your time complaining. I can only go on what information I’m given / can find and my opinion is just that. Mine and mine alone. Bet that little remark has Nekyia & Beast of Prey sitting up all a flustered.

There are more questions than answers. Not here there’s not. Nekyia then. Who are Nekyia? I can at least answer that one easily enough. For this release they comprise of Manuzi, Grassi, Mania and Brzoza. Is this their first release? Don’t know. It might be but then again might not. Their website is still being set up and there’s no links to them on the Beast of Prey site so your guess is as good as mine. So what music do they play? Fucking good question Sherlock if I say so myself. Which of course I’ve just done. Nekyia are a kind of neo-folk / dark wave crossover act with black ambient leanings. My words mark you. No-one else’s. Sounds iffy but is it? Actually no. Not in the slightest. They mix male and female voices to some dynamic rhythms. Do they strum guitars and all that stuff? Yes they do. Even a flute makes an appearance. Fuck…a flute!! Surely that’s bad? Not in this context its not. Every instrument used merely emphasises the beautiful melodies and strong song structures on the seven tracks. Are the ambient bits shit? Well I say ambient but really it's not a proper black dark ambient recording. They use the electronics sparingly acting as a device for the music and voices to bloom and flow. So could I dance to it then? If you wanted to yes. Hey…it’s a free world so do what the fuck you like. There are some, a lot in fact, toe tapping moments to be found here. They’re not Goths are they? Now, now. Nothing wrong with Goths…bless their black eye liner and nails heart. I wouldn’t say so. They could appeal to that Vampire loving crowd but then again they’ll appeal to anyone who appreciates pure musicianship and gifted song writing. Tell me they sing in English so I can at least understand them? They sing in English. Don’t worry. Is it a concept album then? Sort of. Kind of. Songs about death, fear and surgery and other happy topics are all covered but if that makes a concept so be it. Who do they sound like? Ah…the $50.00 question. Does it matter is the answer. Let the music speak for itself. But if you push me enough I would say probably a less military Der Blutharsch. That’s selling them well short though. Is "Purgatory as the Serpent Domain" a typically limited Beast of Prey release? Need you ask. Of course. If you’re quick enough you might just pick up the limited edition with enclosed surgical needles. Needles!! Wow!! Bit sick that isn’t? Well it goes with the songs I suppose but really it’s just marketing. Gotta make yourself known you know.

Any further questions? No thanks. You’ve told me all I need. I’ll go and check them out. You’ve done your usual great reviewing job by the way. Cheers. Glad someone appreciates me.


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