CD: Dark Vinyl DV44 [2004]

Montage One
Seven Kinds of Sin
Montage Two
Dreams of You
Montage Three
Out in my Head
Through the Valley of Death
She Whispers ( live at KFJC Radio )

Strange. I’ve been trying to think of one word that sums up this re-release by Neither / Neither World and I believe that ‘strange’ is the most applicable for it. I never heard the original release so I assume … never assume as it makes an ass out of you and me … that this release has added tracks and different art work. Got me there.

This record feels like two totally different bands playing on the same record. Maybe Neither was a separate band from Neither World? I don’t know. What we have is 11 tracks split between guitar strummed Neo-folk style songs and some black ambient pieces. Wendy Van Dusen is the vocalist on the songs. Does anyone remember Dusty Springfield? Well she sounds sod all like that. Her vocal style reminds me of Lydia Lunch of Teenage Jesus and The Jerks fame. But less harsh. The songs are very much of the ‘life is shit, isn’t it great’ variety and work well with the minimal musical accompaniment. Heck they even rock out later on. Go girl. Miss Love eat your heart out. Personally I preferred the ambient weird bits but that’s just my take on things. What the fuck do I know?

Overall this CD is worth getting if you’re into female vocal records or just fancy something away from the norm. Which this certainly is. Strange it is then. But in a nice gooey type of way.


[Neither/Neither World] / [Dark Vinyl]

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