CDR: Old Europa Cafe OECDR 008 [2005]
Ltd x 250

Inside The Cyclone
Outside The Cyclone (Part V)
There Is No God!
Adov Urgen (Aret-P-Hag-eM)
Glenden Sprung
Death Feeling
Dancing With Cement
Cyclone Voodoo Sucker
Radiovision / Teletronik / Lagavulin Dream

Radiovision / Teletronik / Lagavulin Dream (Mathias Josefson's Strictly Unrecognizable Non-Extended Radio Edit Bonus Remix)

Reasons to be cheerful part one. Negru Voda. Brainchild of Peter Nyström. Respect. Check out "An impulse of fear" and the latest release "Dobruja Region". Essential recordings. One of the men behind Megaptera. Double respect. "Songs from the massive darkness", "Beyond the darkness", "The curse of the Scarecrow". All classics. That’s not even touching on half of the Megaptera back catalogue. Also involved in other side projects Deaf Machine, Each Dawn I Die, Instant Cold Commando, and Obscene Noise Korporation. The mans a workaholic. A mega talented workaholic. Fuck I’m jealous.

Reasons to be cheerful part two. OEC. Nice label. Some fantastic releases. Some not so good. Has seen fit to re-release the ‘so hard to find don’t even bother trying’ Negru Voda cassette "Voodoo Killers" with additional tracks. Praise the Lord. On CDR and very limited. Bugger fuck. Can’t win them all. Packaging is nice though. So I guess we can forgive him in the end. Just.

Reasons to be doubtful part one. A quote from somewhere about this release… "This is not a very good recording, but is has its moments. It's not a computeroholic recording either; all equipment used to bring it about is old and ugly and total crap, but then again that's just the way we like it". Gee be fucking totally brutally honest why don’t you. Admirable in the extreme but well short of the mark. Don’t put yourself down…that’s my job.

Reasons to be cheerful part three. Ignore that shit about the sound quality. Ok so it’s not exactly hi fidelity but that just makes the music more dense and shrouded in mystery. Everyone loves a bit of scuzzy music with frazzled bits thrown it. This is true. "Voodoo Killers" is certainly that. Eleven tracks of death noise machine electronic Industrial music with samples thrown around atop some occasional thunderous furious beats. All told not unlike the music put out by the legends called Megaptera. Like all things dark and brooding? Look no further. Want some screaming noise to fill a void? Come on down. Crave sounds from Hell itself? Take this one way trip to flamesville. Want some songs about love and devotion? Don’t be a cunt. You’ll find fuck all like that in here. Yearning for a blast from the past.? Yes siree you’ve got it. With additional music to have you slobbering worse than a randy Labrador dog. The most appropriate three word summation in a review ever…‘shit fucking hot’.

Reasons to be cheerful part four. "Voodoo Killers". Says it all. A killer release. Don’t miss out on this blackest of treasures that sounds as fresh and up to date as anything to be found released today.

Reasons to be doubtful part two. Having bathed in the glory and wonderment of "Voodoo Killers" as a connoisseur of the dark arts I demand the re-release of all the other cassettes put out by Peter and his many projects. Hello…hello…anyone out there…anyone listening…hello...hello.


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