CD: Autarkeia ACD010 [2005]
Ltd x 279


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For those of you suffering from an attention span that would shame a goldfish…or just want a quick and precise summery… go to review one. Anyone else wanting a more in depth (if I’m capable of such things) write up go to review two.

Review One: Negru Voda. Peter Nystrom. Many different bands. "Unplugged" is Negru Voda live. In some festival in Vilnius. In 2004. Six tracks. Industrial noise and samples. Sounds fab. Like he’s playing in your living room. Buy it. Today. Now in fact. What the fuck you waiting for?

Review Two: He just keeps on surprising us does Peter Nystrom. Not content with dabbling in new projects he still has the time to resurrect the old ones. With a new Megaptera release due out any day / week / month soon (time is thine enemy) he keeps our spirits high with a Negru Voda live recording made at the Industrial Festival in Vilnius Lithuania on 11 December 2004. These six tracks of this momentous event have been carefully mastered by Magnus Sundstrom (The Protagonist) and such is his craftsmanship skills that it beggars belief that these tracks were played in front of a living breathing audience. Any crowd / extraneous noises have been completely removed making it a more studio like experience. Cheating? Depends on your point of view. Drunken idiots yelling or an occasional hand clap don’t exactly appeal to my senses so their removal is a blessing in my ears. You may feel different. Good for you.

The six tracks here…he might have played more on the day / night (maybe he’ll shed light on his experience through his website one day) are all untitled. Some sound faintly familiar but I’ll leave the track listing for you to try and figure out. Musically "Unplugged" is all you could ever hope or wish for. Mixing high density Industrial noise / beats / melodic [sic] passages, coupled with a sturdy dose of suitably nefarious samples, makes this a never to be forgotten aural experience. This is after all Negru Voda. Which all told is recommendation enough. The electronics frizzle and rasp filling the surrounding air with untold heart stopping tensions. The ferocity of the music at times overwhelming. Rhythmically ball-breaking with occasional forays into metal clanking and vague ambience. Fuck…it’s good. Put in your own words and metaphors and I’ll guarantee they’ll still be no where near the mark. Essential…but you’ve probably already guessed that…and a privilege to hear what the legend sounds like live.


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