CD: Fin de Siècle Media [2004]

Under The Ice - Fragments 1 & 3
Re-Enter The Mine Shaft
(th)rill(e)d - Mekano Extension
Northern Beauty - K.E.M.K.
The Ghost At Leftwood Lake

Back in 1994...or thereabouts if my fading memory serves me correctly…Peter Nystrom ( Negru Voda) released a split tape with Magnus Sundstrom (Third Eye) on the Slaughter Productions label. This release eventually got put out on CD through the Crowd Control Activates label. Negru Voda’s tracks on that release heavily sampled John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ film and was an exceptional excursion into dark ambient music which I still listen to today.

Unbelievably Negru Voda’s ‘Dobruja Region’ was rejected by a couple of labels, idiots one and all, and so has ended up being released on Magnus Sundstrom’s Fin de Siecle label. That’s what friends are for. Good sense prevails at last. With this full length release Peter Nystrom has moved further musically infield to a more sonically bleak electronic landscape. On the first track harsh static noise and vast cavernous vistas paint an aural picture of desolation and decay. Breaking up this icy cold climate of isolation that has prevailed Peter then hits us with a looping repetitive thunderous beat on track two which appears like a bolt from the blue. Just as the listener has adjusted to this sudden change of pace we are suddenly transported back into the black abyss of despair as slow building beats and distorted echoing voice speak of terrors unseen take over on track three.

So it goes on. Every track is subtly different from its predecessor and yet they all fall perfectly and cohesively into place within the context of the recording. If you enjoy black ambient soundscapes with an adventurous edge then "Dobruja Region" should be placed top of your wants list ASAP.


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