CD: Cold Spring CSR51CD [2006]

Morning Air

Originally released in a limited edition of only 85 copies (and in a crap cover if I'm being honest), I reviewed the earlier version of Necrosphere previously [read review here]. To save you looking it up here's what I wrote: "I'll take 29 minutes of "Necrosphere" over double that from other bile inducing artists I've had the displeasure to hear. If you enjoy the desolate sounds of the bleakest and sinister ambient music then this is right up your street. Life affirming and essential to lovers of the dark side of music." Since then of course the artist has come under the wing, for this release anyway, of Cold Spring, who have re-done the artwork into something far more tasteful and in keeping with the theme of the release - and added a further sub 15 minute track on as a bonus.

Hailing from Irkutsk, which many Risk players will recognise, this Russian artist has taken his dreams as inspiration and created a seminal dark ambient recording based on field recordings in Taiga and disused military missile shafts. My thanks go to the Cold Spring website for this information. What I don't need the website to tell me is just how hugely impressive this release is. At 29 minutes long it was already an incredibly intense and dark experience. The additional track and added minutes makes it grow in stature into something even more imaginably defined. A release that is so full of creative atmosphere that the word monumental fails to do it justice. Basically, a superb dark ambient release.

I raved about this ages ago when there were only 85 copies available. Justin down Cold Spring Records way must have thought exactly the same way as I. If he thinks it worthy of release then you just know that "Necrosphere" must be that bit special. So what are you waiting for.


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