CDR: Zhelezobeton ZHB-III [2003]
Ltd x 85


Let’s get the negatives out of the way first. "Necrosphere" is a limited edition cdr release of 85 copies. Read that again. 85 fuckin’ copies! So the chances of you getting your grubby mitts on a copy will be very, very slim. Like Karen Carpenter on her death bed. Also it only lasts for 29 minutes. 29 fuckin’ minutes! But I can forgive Necropolis for both those complaints because…ha, ha…I have a copy and I’ll take 29 minutes of "Necrosphere" over double that from other bile inducing artists I’ve had the displeasure to hear.

If you enjoy the desolate sounds of the bleakest and sinister ambient music then this is right up your street. Its pointless going on about how opulent this sounds because so few of you will ever have the pleasure of its company. Which is a shame. But wait…STOP PRESS…a little dickey bird has told me that "Necrosphere" will be getting proper distribution sometime soon so there is a God of good taste after all. If you can’t wait for that to happen…and I wouldn’t blame you…try and snap up one of the last copies asap. Life affirming and essential to lovers of the darkside of music.


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