CDR: Self-Released [2006]

Death By Fecal Hyperconsumption
Jesus Wants You To Kill Yourself
The Ol' Vibrating Rubber Vagina / Meat Grinder Switcheroo
This Song Sucks, I mean It!
uioparueiwopabnm,aaaayuiohuiohbnm,bhjklyuiobhj,b nm,huio
17xx And Counting
Anti-Choice Pro-Death (Rhetoric)
Head Cheese And Moutain Oysters
Clit Happy
I Think My Tax Dollars Would be Better Spent Assin-,uh, Impeaching the President Rather Than Killing Iraqi Civillians
Goatbutcher Mutilator Ceremonium
Hey! I'm Johnny Garrick Denton! Phukk My A$$ PLZZZ
Cooperate Welfare (Circumventing Economic Darwinism)
Ghetto Prostate Cancer Prevention
Ten Years of Yoga,Seven Ribs Removed, One Stomach Staple, and I Still Can't Rim Myself
Necroanal I-XIII

The five step plan to dominate the music world, as thought up by Necroanal.

1. Don't tell anyone your name. Not even your own mother. You must maintain a level of secrecy at all times. Even when doing up your own website or adding facts to My The taxman cometh and you don‚t want him to find you. Plus, girls love a mysterious guy.

2. Make your music available at all times. Free, if possible. Build up a fan base and allow these 'tight as a gnats chuff' suckers to download your stuff. Offer to stick the music onto CDR if required. You'll need to make them up anyway to send off to review sites. A pain in the arse but needs must. Don't worry about negative reviews. Any press is good press in the end.

3. Cover art is important. Don't forget this. Even if it is a cheap and nasty front and rear cover. A little effort goes a long way. Use a picture of a decaying corpse if possible - death sells - and ensure any pictures, present and future, aren't copy protected. If they are, just ignore that fact as if it didn't exist. Keeps costs low.

4. Have snazzy song titles. Lots of song titles. Preferably ones that will offend someone somewhere. Baiting the moral majority is always good for a laugh, if not sales.

5. Make your music. This last bit is the hardest part. If you're a singer songwriter with decent tunes then the world is your oyster. Play music from the other side of the fence though and the world is suddenly a very microscopic place to be in. Repeat steps 1 - 5 until you are very rich or very dead. One of those is bound to happen. That is guaranteed.

Alright... I was using a slight artistic slant for this release and Necroanal never actually thought up that 5 point plan above. But a lot of the points covered do pertain to him. All of them. This 21 track CDR is what I would call... hard going. I would normally throw in a swear word in between 'hard' and 'going' just for emphasis. I won't though this time.

Necroanal plays a rhythmic noise style of music that is very oppressive, aggressive, nasty and either (depending on your viewpoint) life affirming or utter bollocks. Looks like bollocks is the winner for me this time around. Out of the 21 tracks here there were genuine tiny bits of erratic genius shining through. Just not enough of them. Other (read most) tracks left me reaching for a knife to cut short my misery. The music goes like this: Boom, boom, boom, wah, wah, boom, boom, boom, wah, wah, boom, boom, boom... I think you get the picture. Substitute the boom with a blam and the wah with a weee and you have another track. Keep on substituting the noises until either you fall under its spell or fall fast asleep. In case I forget... throw in some submerged vocal growls and a smattering of samples for added variety. This is beat driven electronic noise of the best / worst kind. Delete as you see fit. The sense of humour though of the song titles did raise a grin. You have to grudgingly respect anyone for naming tracks 'Clit happy', 'FackFeckFickFock', 'Ghetto Prostate Cancer Prevention' and my favourite 'Ten years of Yoga, Seven ribs removed, One stomach Staple and I still can't rim myself'... hilarious.

Q + A time to end this review on. Should I download this? Yes. It's free and you might (all though God alone in his wisdom knows why) just like it. Will it be the greatest piece of music I've ever heard? Not on your Nellie. No where close. Not by a million miles. Will it fuck off friends / family / next door neighbours if played loud enough? Yes. And yes once more for effect. Playing this gains enemies and doesn't influence people. Will there be another release from the artist? You can be sure of it. Someone like Necroanal won't go away. I wouldn't be surprised if he calls his follow on release "the second difficult album release fully realised" or something like that. I'll not hear it though because the review section of AP will have closed down by then. I never thought a moment of utmost sadness would offer such small benefits. Goodbye Necroanal. I hope your plans work out for you in the end.



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