CD: Eis & Licht EIS044 [2005]
Ltd x 600

Abel Und Kain
Regen In Der Dämmerung

This alpine gem of a mini-album from Nebelung though a new addition to Eis & Licht label is a debut mature and gifted that belies their lack of disco-graphical history. Mistelteinn’s viridescent digipak nurtures forested apport within and without in a limited edition of 600 copies with booklet.

Natural sounds for a natural world, the sawing breath of cello draws life into wood and string, geometry and its harmony, inflecting profound reflection, the music of Nebelung immediately strikes the listener in luscious tones that capture the very vibrations of the air as it is compressed by the medley of instrumentation. Crystallised acoustic guitar pluck despondent arpeggio within fallow glen where flute educe forgotten folk arrangements and weeping cello and mourning vocals throat figurative loam for the fluorescent ornamentation.

The duo of Stefan Otto and Thomas List perform an unsoiled traditional album of well-crafted folk compositions that would find good company beside Forseti, Darkwood, and the acoustic side of Ulver. Clocking in at just less than thirty minutes for six tracks, Nebelung show a promising potential despite its Germanic neofolk similarities.


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