MC: Res Adversae 003 [2005]
Ltd x 147

Ignorance Is Bliss
Death Order Reflections
Result Unveiled
[DIY] Genocide Kit
Target Freedom

Broadside Security
Desperate Cataleptic Visions
The Heated Nerve
Fear Cult Landscape
Third Degree For A Waste

A long story shortened. Label sends cassette for review. Reviewer receives cassette. Cassette sticks in player. Still there today. How I laughed. Player does not belong to reviewer. Belongs to wife. Oh shit!! Label sends out CDR of cassette for review. Everyone’s happy. Until the wife eventually finds out. Which she will. The consequences don’t bear thinking about.

Narrowmind and Sudanstrain. Never heard of them. Both acts are Russian, possibly / probably, and are part of the blooming underground over ground (not Wombling free) scene from that country? If this makes me look like an inept reviewer so be it. Gets worse. I don’t even know if this limited 197 copies cassette is the debut recordings by both these artists. They may have sent out a promo sheet but I can’t remember receiving one or if they did I’ve lost it. Just shoot me now and put me out of my misery.

Narrowmind vs. Sudanstrain. Sounds like a title fight. The World Heavyweight Championship Power Noise belt up for grabs. Or maybe a school yard tussle. Narrowmind gets six tracks compared to Sudanstrain’s five. First psychological blow to Narrowmind. Flying out of the ropes Narrowmind strikes with a heavy one two of punishing extreme electronic noise with suitably shredded Russian vocals. ‘Biff’! Followed quickly with an uppercut of…more of the same. ‘Oooph’! Changing tack swiftly for track four to a more throbbing Industrialized vibe catches everyone unawares. ‘Bash’! Going in for the kill on tracks five & six with a neat mixture of subdued electronics before unleashing a torrential maelstrom of violent electronics. ‘Bosh’! They think its all over…but Sudanstrain retaliates quickly. Hitting below the belt…ouch… with a quick succession of squalling white noise and high frequency tracks that’s akin to receiving a broken bottle square in the face they steamroller forward . Distorted vocals merely emphasises their nasty streak and the use of samples on track ten, which Melek-Tha also incorporated into his CDR releases, is the curve ball no-one saw coming. Finishing with one last furious barrage of fucked up vocals and in your face fracas. Battered and bruised they did themselves proud.

And the winner is…anyone with the slightest / faintest interest in Power electronic music. And the winner is…the glazy eyed brain frazzled collectors who must own every single piece of this genre of music. And the winner is…collectors of the rare or the novelty release. Releasing in 2005 a cassette, when the CDR is king, is a brave marketing move that should be applauded but may alienate the very people who would appreciate and covet this recording. And the loser is…no-one. If the noise scene isn’t for you then go spend your money on something else. If this music appeals then it’s money well spent…if you can find it. ‘Nuff said.

As for the winner between Narrowmind vs. Sudanstrain. Call it a draw. A fair result for all concerned.


***Please note that we no longer accept MC copies of releases for review! [Ed]

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