CD: 804noise 804-004 [2005]

The Inevitable
Stillness Shattered
One Lifeless Eye
Dead Angel

The first release ever to be reviewed by this artist on the Aural Pressure website…and hopefully not the last if "Shattered" is anything to go by. James McCrea of Richmond…somewhere in the God fearing land of the free…USA has already 4 other CDR releases under his belt but this is the first on CD on the 804Noise label to see the light of day.

Featuring nine tracks the music is a mixture of guitar and electronic effects driven pieces where wailing drenched feedback meets black ambience in an experimental vein. Processing the sounds from the guitars and whatever else was involved…you would need to ask him yourself exactly which equipment he used…he weaves a textured framework through which the sounds emitted breath new life into their initial sources. At times there is a dreamy otherworldly feel to the atmospheres created and in others a nightmarish pattern of electro acoustic noise envelopes the ears. What begins serenely enough …a meditative flight of fancy…changes dramatically as the music takes another twist moving into other nastier realms of cantankerous viciousness. Drones that can barely be heard…as though the music is whispering just out of hearing range…makes way for humongous ear shattering moments of distorted resonance. Cinematic in scope the wide panoramas are open to individual interpretation of the music that engulfs completely. An audible vision of Heaven or Hell depending on your own frame of mind at the time. That ‘Shattered’ could easily fall into any of the power noise / ambience / drone genres but still retain its own identity says much for the skill of James McCrea with this creation.

"Shattered" is the music of narcotic dreams. The paranoia of crack abuse mixed with mind bending acid flashbacks and the mellowness of dope all rolled into one musical package. Tune in and drop out Furry Freak Brothers. Your parents or grandparents might have had all the free love in the 60’s but we’ve got the up to date soundtrack so missing from their promiscuous lives. Say No to drugs…but say Yes to Narcotic Dreams..


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