CDR: Demo [2006]

Into The Bleak Rain (slow soundscape edition)
Into The Bleak Rain (sad springtime edition)
Into The Bleak Rain (the elle-ee edition)

Into The Bleak Rain (static pain edition)
Into The Bleak Rain (try edition)
Into The Bleak Rain (the long trip edition)

Naked on Silvershine is a side project from the 32 year old Estonian artist Aurelius Solitude who has releases under the From Deepness Of Solitude moniker. "Into the bleak rain" is a six-tracked single featuring different versions of the titled ‘song’. I’ve taken a bit of a shine to this guy. Although his website is…to be blunt…pish and needs serious working on…anyone who lists as one of his other activities ‘helping nice persons’ just can’t be bad. A decent guy in a very crappy world is rare indeed.

I’m not too sure on the actual state of play regarding Aurelius’s releases. Put that down to his website. If you want to get your hands on any of his stuff I would suggest you contact him directly. This is the first of his releases to appear on AP…and depending on what I write…possibly the last he’ll submit for scrutiny. But if he likes nice people then I’m safe.

The music on these six tracks are of the dark / experimental ambient kind. As stated prior it’s basically the same track but reworked differently each time. Each one sounding suitably nothing like its predecessor. The dynamic electronics flow in ever ingenious ways with copious amounts of mournful atmospherics…well it is titled "Into the bleak rain" so you wouldn’t expect anything less. Technically he’s very skilled and accomplished with his own individual style that’s suitably goes against the grain at times. There are fleeting moments of abstractness to the music which works well in his favour. Never afraid to a dd substance he employs all manner of tried and tested variables into the tracks. Therefore the use of sampled choral chants, echo effects, metallic / bell bashing and glorious synth lines aren’t out of place. These are but a few of the tricks he employs over the tracks to keep the interest ever growing. The only fly in the ointment being a slight dip in the clarity of the production but I’ll forgive him that…or it could just be that I need a brand new stereo.

Overall though my time wasn’t wasted and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his work. He has some great cohesive ideas which have been fully realised on this recording. The dark ambient genre welcomes him with arms wide open. All he has to do now is sort out his website and he’ll be quids in.


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