CDR: Einzeleinheit 001 [2005]

Awakening From A Bad Dream
Anger And Negative Feelings / The Garden Of The Monastery
The Beautiful Youth
Pleasure Of Sin
The Fog Lifts / The Small Temple

Haus Arafna meets Tangerine Dream? Well, straight off the promo blurb for this album certainly sparked a hint of intrigue! With this appearing to be the debut release for both German based project and record label, the album contains obscure harsh electronic music that Germans seem to have a particular penchant for.

From the opener 'awakening from a bad dream' instead of lofi analog electronics as one might be lead to expect, what is presented are electronics with digital crystal clarity, where the only muffled element being the tortured male voice buried in the mix. Things become even more twisted and downrišht e8pepimental on 'anger and negative feelings/ the garden on the monastery' with pulsing atonal programming, scattered noise with a treated male reciting German text. Interesting, however not entirely successful. Following on 'the beautiful youth' is a head on collision of ambient flute melodies, throbbing distortion and industrial noise, with the later being so scattered as to sound messy and improvised.

Yet with a number of misfiring tracks, 'the pleasure of sin' merges a floating ambient sphere with a harsher electronic framework to great effect. Alternately a dense and heavy ambience with cold electronic vocal treatments are the standard measure for 'the fog lifts/ the small temple', that gradually morphs into a pounding rhythmic framework: also know as some reasonable death industrial musings.

Although such a perception may be unwarranted, I get the impression that there might be a performance art aspect lurking in the inspiration for this project, mostly due to the more off the wall experimental aspects. Yet inspiration questions aside, this album misses about as equally as it hits its mark, so it might be worthwhile considering this as a demo recording and keep tabs on how they progress their sound.



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