CDR: War Office Propaganda WOP05 [2004]
Ltd x 200 hand-numbered copies

Video Track

I don’t know where War Office Propaganda find them…but find them and release them they continue to do. I’m blathering about these unknown artists / groups that just appear from nowhere on this label confounding all expectations.

NAAG is the latest one to turn up and turn heads with his / their, facts about this act are non existent, music. Working firmly within a crossover of ritual / tribal / dark ambient music, with added experimental and minimalist electronics passages, the eleven unnamed but numbered tracks, with a bonus additional video clip that encapsulates the whole mood of the prevailing pieces, is an engrossing and imaginative piece of work. Never fully overblown the structure of each part of the eleven tracks is suitably restrained…yet this simplistic approach works to its advantage. By going for the understated the music is allowed space to expand and its inherent radiance to come to the fore. When the samples kick in they are used sparingly so as not to detract from the low key beats and melodic electronics. In many ways NAAG remind me of the great but highly underrated Fetish Park of many moons ago but retaining his / their own individual style and identity.

Although essentially a ritual dark ambient recording "Tulku" reveals a hidden warmth beneath its icy exterior that becomes apparent after repeated plays. By not throwing everything and anything at hand into the mix, which would have undermined and ruined this excellent recording, NAAG has kept the music clean and crisp with the sound akin to a shiny newly cut diamond. I don’t know where War Office Propaganda find them…but long may they continue to release them if NAAG is anything to go by.


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