CD: Pagan Dance 2 [2004]

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Live recordings have always divided opinion. Some will see them as a waste of space cash cow from record labels happy to rip off punters with more money than sense until a new studio recording is released. Others will say that the live recording acts as a document of a moment in time charting an artists progress on the up / down. The final train of thought is that they exist for the totally anal complete nut job as a must have. Whether it’s to boast that they were at the actual event or as a way of adding to their already bludgeoning record collection. Personally I can take them or leave them. I have the great: BOC / The Who, the chaotic: Iggy & The Stooges / The Sex Pistols / Suicide and the utter crap: anything by The New York Dolls. A mixed bag indeed. Where ‘Industrial Music’ live recordings differ from the afore mentioned is that pristine sound quality is never really an important issue as most of the sounds generated are meant to be muggy and indecipherable.

"Live Ceremony" is a recording by H Nordvargr, J Ulvtharm and M Meinertz taken from the Collapse Festival on 18 Aug 2000. Split into 7 Acts as title tracks the music has been taken from the various MZ.412 recordings to date. Some of these like 'Act VI' are easily recognised as coming from the "Malfeitor" release, whereas others have been totally deconstructed and reconstructed making it difficult to disseminate where they originated from. The sound quality is very good, which was a pleasant surprise, and the music itself follows the MZ.412 blueprint of throbbing power / extreme noise with the usual accompanying samples. The vocals are seeped in the shouty / screaming mould with added effects making understanding a word being sung a difficult proposition. The only thing missing is a bit of audience participation, a bit of cheering / jeering wouldn’t have gone amiss, but all this doesn’t matter as it’s MZ.412 live for fucks sake. What "Live Ceremony" achieves in doing is make you want to see them in the flesh for yourself. With this recording they have translated their studio work into a powerhouse noise unit live.

The BIG selling point with "Live Ceremony" is the 3 x Folkstorm studio tracks tacked onto the end. The first two, ‘Child of Decay’ & ‘Hatesong’, have been taken from the ultra rare ‘The Culturecide Campaigns’ CDR with the unreleased track 'Kapnoiseology’ as an added bonus. Now you see where the MZ.412 VS Folkstorm name originates from. These three tracks only prove once and for all how sadly missed Folkstorm will be now that this side project of HNB is no more. Think of a hardcore MZ412 with more balls as an adequate description. Thrusting impenetrable noise elements lay at the central core of these tracks set to a rhythmic dynamic with submerged vocals. Typical Folkstorm styled tracks that you will either love or loath but a great selling point never the less.

Overall "Live Ceremony" is a must have for the devoted fan base of either groups and as a stand alone live experience one which has justified its release.


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