CDR: Latex Records LTX005 [2005]

Sol Invictus
Silent Swing
Music Box
Blessed Poor
Sliptide Dub
Leakage Dub
What The Rest Meant

Thomas Park - aka Mystified - is a classically and jazz trained musician. His first electronic music venture was in the form of Autocad, an experiment in fractal generated techno. After experiencing some success and recognition with the project, Park continued to produce techno tracks until recently when he began experimenting with dark ambient soundscapes with an industrial influence. Transient comprises of the best tracks from two previous MP3 releases on Dreamland Recordings in 2004 - Transient & Transient 2 - plus a new bonus track and new artwork.

Park describes his music as "industrial ambient" and it soon becomes clear what he means by that phrase. Although it initially sounds deceptively simple, Transient possesses hidden depths. On the face of it, the tracks have warm rhythmic beats sitting over drifting textures but the realisation soon sets in that there is more to Park's music than just that. Starting gently with 'Pendulum', Transient soon starts to expand its scope. The metallic chimes, almost tribal drums and sinister creeping drones hint at what Park means by "industrial ambient". Often resembling the hypnotic mechanised rhythm of machinery at work and adding swathes of low industrial drone in the background, Park creates an image of heavy industrial toil. 'Sol Invictus', for example, portrays relentless grinding wheels and the never ending whir and drone of machinery. Of a more optimistic and urgent tone is 'Silent Swing' with its train-like hum and clatter over a dark, ominous air of expectancy. One thing that becomes evident as you listen and digest this album is that the generally quite bright and upbeat theme hides a dark swirling maelstrom of a nightmarish influence. This is never more evident than in the fittingly titled 'Disembody' where spectral voices, an ominous mechanical throb and soaring industrial drones combine to warn of a darker more malevolent dimension. Only through Park's own dub reinterpretations of 'Sliptide' and 'Leakage' does the warm more upbeat side of his work win through and the sharp rhythmic beats eventually take control.


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