CDR: Mortis Aeterna [2006]

De Mysteriis Dom Amentia
Mortis Aeterna

Mirco Pervilli (or Okrim as he likes to be known) is Italian and he records under the Mortis Aeterna name. This release (a demo?) is two tracks of sub-12 minutes dark ambience. He recorded it in his house which he calls ‘the grave’. Why…I just don’t know…but it makes him sound like one unhappy puppy. Cheer up Okrim. Try living in a shit hole in the arse end of Scotland where inbreeding and lousy weather are the norm. Your ‘grave’ and surroundings are probably palatial by comparison. Some people just don’t know how lucky they are.

Getting away from this whole ‘grave’ thing…and concentrating on the music…"De Mysteriis Dom" is actually very, very good. The first track ‘De Mysteriis Dom Amentia’ is a suitably gloomy slow burner brimming with atmospherics and twiddled electronics that undulate and pulse hypnotically. Track two ‘Mortis Aeterna’ is a slightly noisier affair with the electronic more full on and disruptive but faintly rhythmic at the same time. Stopping just short of power noise there’s a deep intensity to the piece that has to be admired.

The only thing that kind of grated was the fact that the recording was over with far too quickly. I would have liked / loved to have heard more of what Okrim can produce. He obviously knows his way around the darker side of music…these two standout tracks prove that…so a proper full recording would showcase his talents to greater effect.

"De Mysteriis Dom" is a nice dark ambient calling card…and a welcome one at that. The talents there for all to hear so here’s hoping he can build on it for the future.


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