CD: Dark Vinyl DV43 [2003]

Ode An Die Unaussprechlichkeit
Burn Inside
Versunken Im Flackernden Leib
The Heartbeat
When We Arise
Mutilation (Live)

This is the first recording by Mondblut I’ve encountered, unfortunately I’ve lived a very sheltered life you know, so have no idea if "Scorn" is typical of the music by this artist or if this is a new direction by him. The recording itself deals with fantasies about auto-erotic death from suffocation and other sexual preferences. Nice. Whatever turns you on I suppose. Best ask your local Conservative MP if you want more information on that subject.

"Scorn" is a pleasing mix of semi ritual style music with an ominous slant and vague EBM touches. Think of Apoptygma Berzerk in league with the Satan and you’re nearly there. Maybe. I get thrown by recordings that have actual tunes in them. This is the sort of music that will have you tapping your feet and nodding your head as you read the lyrics on the cd insert. Highly infectious and quietly disturbing in a subliminal way. The very dark undertones seep slowly into the conscious taking you completely by surprise. Light & dark. The perfect combination for a strangely beguiling recording. Give it a go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, as I was.


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