CD: Beast Of Prey BOP 2.6 [2005]
Ltd x 555


The word ‘collaboration’ ranks highly in my words I fear to hear almost as much as the even worse ‘concept fucking album’. I’ve been subjected to some of the worst abominations known to man where two acts think that by combining their talents the music they will produce will be the greatest thing since sliced bloody bread. How much I’ve suffered at this fools gold you’ll never fully realise. Luckily I went into this collaboration with higher expectations than most down to three main factors. 1) The Polish Beast of Prey record label. A label that releases some of the finest music, in every genre, that you’re ever likely to hear. 2) Horologium. A new act to me but I recently bought their "The Fire Sermon" release on the Divine Comedy label and was very impressed to say the least. Quite an exceptional recording which deserves a glowing review if one was ever to be written. 3) Moljebka Pvlse. Loved their "The leaves of their songs" on the Fin De Siecle Media label. Still love it today. Never did find any previous releases by them in my collection. See the review for more on that saga.

"Kaukasus" is dedicated to the lands between the Black and Caspian Seas that are an area of formidable natural beauty but steeped in constant conflicts between the peoples living there. That’s if my geography and history still hold up to scrutiny after all these years. The 7 tracks on this 45 minute release is devoted to that magical region populated by so many differing religions and customs. Moljebka Pvlse, those well known drone specialists, bring their typical pulsing music to this meeting of minds whilst Horologium add their earnest Industrial / Neo-Classical flourishes. Add in the sound sources taken from the regions involved, including spoken worded and sung, and what you end up with is a tour of the area without having to leave your armchair. Close your eyes and through the music you can visualise the high mountain peaks, clean crisp air, the small market places smelling of exotic spices, the tiny abodes where endemic people carve out a living, rivers flowing through
the forests. The cultural differences only miles apart from each other. A pleasant and peaceful land constantly on the edge of an awaiting tragedy. The aural equivalent of an National Geographic tour through the lands.

There’s an artist called I:Wound who has released similar styled themed recordings. The difference here being that Moljebka Pvlse / Horologium take a far more musical approach, letting the music build up the pictures formed in the mind, and only use sound sources to emphasis certain elements within the recording. Bridging the gap between experimental and dark ambient music the combined talents have produced a recording which oozes quality from every pore. Coming housed in a 260 x 360 cm yellow / brown card poster folded in two, with pictures taken from the region, and limited to 555 copies this is one journey you’ll undoubtedly want to undertake.


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