CD: Fifth Week FW003 [2006]
Ltd x 500


This latest Moljebka Pvlse release finds the artist Mathias Josefsons on another different label. This time around it’s the fairly new, as in three releases to date, Swedish Fifth Week label that has the honour of releasing the seventh Moljebka Pvlse recording. Out of interest (and to keep things factual) there have been releases on CMI, Segerhuva, Mystery Sea, Fin de Siecle / Inhospitable Lab and BOP ( with Horologium ) - all of which come highly recommended. For a full discography check out his site at:

The music by Mathias generally (and I’m choosing my words carefully here) falls into the experimental / ambience genres as so typified on here. Experimental because throughout the three tracks, clocking in at 7, 54 and 10 minutes respectively, he utilises various field recordings and the voice of Karin Jacobson, then twists and turns everything inside and out in the process, so it becomes hard to identify the source material. Karin’s voice being manipulated into ever more imaginative patterns and ways. Which in turn makes the resulting sounds a more ambient, albeit leaning more into the dark side of that genre, experience. Karin’s voice echoing, whispering and shimmering into ever more complex layers whilst the field sources crackle, swirl, hum and oscillate as a complimentary aide. "Dvnkl" is a highly meditative, almost hypnotic, recording that hints at darker destructive forces at work forcing the listener to give it the full attention it deserves. Part magical mystery t our crossed with a fairground house of horrors ride you’re never too sure just what is round the corner. Expect the unexpected as "Dvnkl" is full of glorious deep surprises.

Which in many ways typifies the recorded output of Moljebka Pvlse. Never dull and highly innovative Mathias continually creates music that pushes at the boundaries of general convention, but has enough restraint to ensure the aural experience become unforgettable and not off putting in any way. "Dvnkl" is a recording everyone should try and experience at least once and is another fine addition to this highly talented and respected artists repertoire.

Sadly limited (and sadly words I seem to write on every review nowadays) to only 500 copies it comes in a highly decorative handmade oversized cover with silk screen print which adds to the overall feel and effect of the release. Fifth Week, on this release alone, are a label worth investigating further.


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