CDr: Linija Schuma [2002]

CDr: Linija Schuma [1999]


1-3: Kriki Navjich Kochz
4: Live Performance 16-10-03 at St. Petersburg


Korob Kamlanija
Solntse Dna
Putyan Hororo Yenobeka

Here for your aural delight we have the latest two releases on CDr from Misery, who hail from the spud and tractor motherland that is Russia, on the Linija Schuma label. This label, like so many springing up these days, is very much a home self produced affair but with production values that would put many of the majors to shame.

The music of Misery is difficult to categorise but if you took early Einsturzende Neubauten, added some MZ.412, a dash of NON and a smattering of Fetisch Park then you get some idea as to what they sound like. Then again at times they sound nothing like the groups mentioned and work within their own distinctive style giving their music an originality and vitality which is to be admired. "Kriki" consists of 4 tracks, including one live from St Peterburg, and "V" has six tracks with both CDRs clocking in at over 60 minutes each. Rhythmic machine structures sit easily next to pieces of clanking metal and wires whilst electronic waves bubble away in the background. A dour mournful voice intones something or other in Russian and your expectations increase as the recordings continue to move onto a completely different musical tangent.

Anyone with a passion for modern 'Industrial' style music really should seek out both these recordings immediately. Please. Do it now. I realy cannot recommend these recordings highly enough. What I find incredible is that a band like Misery will remain a cult act whilst certain labels keep churning out dross that has no right to be released. If there is any justice then surely someone will pick up on this band and give them the recognition they fully deserve. In the meantime you can buy both CDRs for just £10.00, including UK postage, from Cheeses International. Contact Steve and enjoy.



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