CD: Tactical Recordings 07 [2005]
Ltd x 1000

Only Sheep Need A Leader
New World View
The Fragment And The Whole
They Marked The Path
Vox Populi
The Nature Of It All
The Eco-Anarchic Solution

The Hidden Connection

The New Found Dawn
The Limitation Of Language
On Common Ground
The Relative Truth
Everything Is One

Well, well, this album has surely been a long time coming in finally being released. For a personal take on this, back in 2002 Militia were scheduled to be included on the ill-fated and ultimately cancelled Spectrum Magazine Issue 6 compilation / CD and were one of only a few acts whom submitted their interview and track to me by the requested deadline (of which their musical contribution was to be an exclusive pre-release of the album track 'They marked the path'). So although this album was originally slated for a 2003 release, at least "Everything is one" has finally now been issued.

With respect of their last official album (not counting the "Eco-Anarchist Manifesto" book/ live CD release), this constituted the highly acclaimed "The black flag hoisted" DCD. So in providing a brief comparison, "Everything is one" showcases a honed and distilled version of what could broadly be expected from Militia’s sound. As such the characteristic driving rhythms, rousing neo-classical melodies & stoic junk metal percussion all remain, albeit in a slightly less rough and ready guise. Yet in order to progress their sound further, the production is cleaner and clearer then past releases, and is further augmented with such elements as violin, clarinet, accordion and even a soprano singer. Likewise, the use of harsh vocals and sampled dialogue plays less of a central theme, however when sparingly used they provide a clear summation of Militia’s now well documented political / societal stance.

Looking at specific tracks, 'They marked the path' is a standout, being an amazing piece of understated martial percussion, rousing violin and rhetoric infused vocals, and is only stronger now that I can hear it in context of the full album. 'The hidden connection' is another excellent piece, where by being reliant on a central pounding percussive framework, it allows a free form and loosely played violin to inject a folkish air. Alternately 'The new found dawn' follows a more classic style of Militia songwriting, which would not be fully complete if it were not for the trademark disharmonic horn wails. Grandiose indeed! The title piece and final track concludes the album on a sombre note, due mostly to the removal of the overt percussive elements. Thus with the absence of such a central aspect, the moody orchestral layers remain as the backing for the soprano vocals, whilst the acerbic vocal sermon recites the album’s concept one last time.

By virtue of not to attempt to outdo the unbridled anger of "The Black Flag Hoisted", Militia have succeeded in producing a fantastic follow up, of which my appreciation has grown with each subsequent rotation.



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