MC: Dada Drumming DD07 [2004]
Ltd x 200



Never Presence Forever:

Fantasy and Reality Remain As One As Your Fears Nourish The Machines Of Internal War

A cassette! A fuckin’ cassette! Looking up my copy of ‘Big boys book of everything you need to know about Technology’ I found out the following information. "Cassettes are a recording medium, used extensively during the 70’s and 90’s to record music onto tape, which has run its course and has now become superseded by the CD. Anyone using cassettes do so for the novelty value of the medium or because they are still living in a time warp. See also 8 Track’. Luckily my Grandfather still had one of these cassette machines from way back when so I put this thing called a tape on and listened intently.

The cassette type used is, apparently, the C30 format meaning that there is no more than 15 minutes of music per side from each group. Of Metaconqueror I know exactly zilch but I have a
Never Presence Forever little beauty of a split 3” CDr with Wapstan which is definitely worth searching out. If you have a fondness for dark ambient soundscapes (and I wish I had a £1.00 for every time I’ve used those words) then this will appeal to your inner nature. Strange voices collide with subterranean submerged sounds that surround the listener like a cocoon of blackness. Spooky and surreal with the right touch of menace that’s over far too quickly. I would advise Dada Drumming to buy a CD writer, sooner rather than later, and get this split release out to a wider audience on CDr.

Now does anyone know how the fuck you eject these things?


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