CDR: Somnambulant SMO004 [2004]

My Name Is Legion And We Are Many
The Betrayer
Dirge of the Crucified
Order of the Golden Dawn
Temple of the Morning Star
Forging the Gates of Gehenna
Of Empires Burning

"The Sound of Music" is a great film. I have it on DVD and watch it regularly. But it could have been so much better. If I had made the film I would have changed it slightly. Julie Andrews would have been gangbanged up every orifice by the storm troopers and the irritating Von Trapp kids would have been sent to a concentration camp. ‘Doe a deer’ that you little fuckers!

Some things don’t need changing though as they are so perfect to begin with. "Banishment of the Unforsaken"’ by Metaconqueror falls into this category. This is an impeccable black ambient masterpiece. Created by J Stillings of Steelhook Prostheses fame…or infamy if you so dare be unkind…the 53 minutes on this CDR goes by far too quickly. Everything that is so good about black ambient music is to be found on this recording…and more starting off with an increasingly growing rumble and static mixture it progresses onto a garbled distorted voice then the deep dub echoes and noises begin. Thereafter the music becomes ever more threatening and chilling sending shivers of fear and pleasure running equally down the spine. Played during sunlight it has the capacity to have you hiding behind the sofa with its threatening sonic display. Play it in the dark though…and just watch those nightmares begin. If only all the other so called black ambient releases lived up to that description.

J Stillings is a Frankenstein. "Banishment of the Unforsaken" is his monster creation. Love and cherish it as you’ll not find a better example of this type of music anywhere. It is literally one of a kind.


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