CD: Cold Spring Records CSR55CD [2004]

Tardyon Storm
Tachyon Paradox

Exploding onto the scene like 4lbs of dynamite strapped around a lithe young waist comes this most eagerly anticipated release from two of the music scenes grand maestros of noise manipulation. Merzbow has a catalogue of releases under his belt stretching way, way into double (+) figures and is the grand-daddy of extreme electronic music, whilst H Nordvargr Bjorkk is famed for his solo work and in diverse projects like MZ412, Folkstorm, Toroidh, HH9, Muskel and Incinerator International. It seemed inevitable and only natural for these two great minds to finally co-operate in a recording with each other.

Those of you expecting a full on barrage assault of the senses will be sorely disappointed. The work encompassed within the 3 tracks on the CD is more in keeping with Nordvargr’s stunning "I End Forever" release on the Horch label than say Merzbow’s "New Takamagahara" opus. By exchanging their source material and manipulating it and blending it to the nth degree the resulting pieces wouldn’t be out of place on the Warp label. The music itself is a blend of harsh / soft strange beats and quirky / glitchy noises undulating like a madcap roller coaster ride. Each track keeps morphing and changing into something wild and different enlightening the senses. There are extreme noise parts, well you couldn‘t really expect otherwise with these two involved could you, but for the most part these don’t divert or alienate the listener from the overall diversity and majestic sounds that these two craftsmen have created here. If you thought the music of Merzbow was totally unapproachable then think again.

‘Partikel’ takes the concept of music to new highs and turns it completely upside down and both artists are to be congratulated on producing this momentous (for that is what it really is) piece of work. You need to experience this for yourself. You’ll be blown away like I was.


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