CD: Dark Vinyl DV49 [2004]

Khaos Domination
Destruktor Propaganda
Infernal Battlefields
La Vision du Déclin
Hammers Of Centurian
Virus Maximus
Collective Suicide
War Is Coming

The Lord has returned. Praise the Lord. Yup…Mr Evil has pitched up again with his best release in ages. Some of his recordings on Dark Vinyl haven’t totally hit the spot whereas his CDR releases have all been this side of great. Go figure. Saying that I would take any lack lustre release by Melek-Tha any day over other like-minded recordings. Which leads me to one of the great questions of our time. Why has no-one seen fit to give an official release to the "Organic Mutation" CDR? Fools.

Anyone who bought the "De Magia Naturali Daemoniaca" release on Cold Spring Records will be in seventh heaven with "War is Coming" as it revisits the sheer delight experienced with that recording. Everything that goes into making the Melek-Tha sound is here in abundance and with a clarity and more aggressive stance than previously heard. Huge, and I mean huge, thundering beats dominate proceedings coupled with the usual array of diversified samples and symphonic passages. The music practically explodes from the speakers on an all out aural assault on the senses. If you could imagine being pummelled mercilessly about the head and body and enjoying every painful moment then you’ll get some idea of the intensity of "War is Coming".

Lord Evil has once again upped the ante by redefining and expanding on his music that will leave the listener breathless in awe at his majesty. Praise the Lord indeed.


[Melek-Tha] / [Dark Vinyl]

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