CD: Vendlus Records VEND015 [2006]

More Disturbance
Shodow Land
Don't Desecrate The Dead
Final Day

Jesus is famous for it. Dr Who is currently doing it. Even those grand dames of Throbbing Gristle are attempting it. Resurrecting (in the case of Jesus… himself), projects long thought dead and gone. Megaptera - a name that has gone down in the annals of musical history. A project that for ten years lit the fuse on what many called ‘Death Industrial’ music (wrongly in my view as Megaptera were more approachable in context to that genre) and soared increasingly upwards with every release. A behemoth with 14 releases, most cruelly deleted or impossible to find, on vinyl, cassette and CD. The word ‘legend’ will forever apply to the name Megaptera. "Disturbance Ritual" sees the unexpected return of this dynamic act. As the followers of the son of God were heard to say: ‘What the fuck are you doing back here?’

Let Peter Nystrom himself tell you in his own words. Take it away Peter. "I will take the opportunity to celebrate Megaptera's 15 years anniversary this year. First out is the live CD, "Disturbance Ritual", as you all probably know. Since ‘Live in Rostock’ is quite shitty, I wanted a ‘live revenge‘. Many thanks to my newfound friend, Kristoffer Oustad (V:28) who recorded the whole." Cheers Peter. For the fuller version go straight to his website for more insightful information.

Recorded at Club Quart Norway on 6th June 2005 "Disturbance Ritual" featured Peter Nystrom and Magnus Sundstrom playing an almost greatest hits set of old Megaptera favourites in front of a lucky bunch of bastards who will be able to regale tales of this momentous event to their grandchildren. Featuring five tracks, and disappointingly only 36+ minutes long, "Disturbance Ritual" brings the Megaptera live experience screaming and kicking into your living room / kitchen / bedroom… wherever. Those unfamiliar to the Megaptera sound (are there such poor creatures in existence I ask myself) will relish the sample heavy dark atmospheres that are conjured up with a glee and relish to be admired. The music that accompanies the grade A samples, mostly culled from a variety of films, is of the thoroughly disturbing electronic kind with additional drum effects highlighting the overall aural experience. A sound cut from the blackest coal and shaped into innumerable nightmarish forms. The walls are closing in but we don’t care. Crush us for we welcome your deadly embrace. The electronics scream at you. They throw turmoil in your face. And still we smile. No-one gets out of here alive… like we give a fuck.

As is the case with most modern live recordings, there is no audience participation to be heard. Their ecstatic responses digitally removed. Only the purity of the Megaptera music is left. Which is all us dedicated followers ever wanted in the first place. To live the dream of being there and seeing our heroes in the flesh in full artistic flow. I close my eyes and can smell the venue. The sweat from the crowd. Being jostled whilst trying to get nearer to the front. The images of the slide shows burning into the retinas. Oh to have been there. To have witnessed this second coming. This audio document will have to suffice.

The only good news on the horizon is the upcoming releases of further Megaptera material. Perhaps one day the whole Megaptera back catalogue will be released onto CD. Fingers crossed. Until that time (if it ever arrives) buy this document of a concert from one of the greatest acts ever to grace the musical stage before it’s too late.

As the son of God followers were heard to say later: ‘Fuck me he’s gone again… but we’ll never forget him. He will live on forever in our hearts and minds’.


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