3" CDR: Materia Confusa [2004]


As a succinct introduction to this American sound artist, "Rubedo’s" two tracks draw inspiration from alchemy and electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) respectively, with the resultant pieces showcasing slightly different sonic techniques.

With sampled choirs acting as a calming introduction to the alchemy inspired track 'Transmutation', the sound however quickly shifts, amassing into a mild cacophony of sound via non rhythmic factory clatter and assortment of fractured textures. Yet continuing on, this track really hits its stride when it settles down to reveal some decently intense, sub orchestral tinged, droning dark ambience.

Track two 'E.V.P' on the other hand draws comparisons to Schloss Tegal's "Black Static Transmissions" album, by virtue of both deriving their inspiration from electronic voice phenomenon. This is particularly the case where a static riddled looped EVP sample provides a noisy old school industrial atmosphere. Yet being more then merely a one trick pony, later in the track the mood becomes subtler & slightly clinical, in a hallucinogenic droning format.

Overall it must be said that the 3"CD format is certainly a handy way to give a clear and concise indication of an artist’s style and direction. Thus from the 22 minutes of varied experimental textures & dynamic dark ambience showcased here, it has me interested in hearing Materia Confusa's continued evolution.


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