CDR: Self-Release [2006]

Quiet Stratagem
The Void Reflex
Distance Between
Change Resistance
Opposite Reverse

Massa Ultima (who's known to his mother as Rui Almeida) is a Portuguese sound artist. This is his first solo release as Massa Ultima. The CD sleeve is a very uncomplicated affair which features a photograph of (what might be) a young boy sitting on a stool in (what could be) a grocery store somewhere in early twentieth century Europe. The CD sleeve, like the music it contains, is very open to the imagination of the perceiver.

The five tracks on this disc are the result of combing "non-musical sources" and conventional instruments. Rui spent some time documenting soundscapes in and around Ireland which he utilizes well. There are drones, glitch and cut, field recordings and copious amounts of vibe. A promising first outing.


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