CD: Hive Records HIV.18 [2006]

The Maggot Farmer: Smile/Sinking
Maggot Farmer: Homeland Insecurities
Jism: The World Pt2
The Concrete Cookie +Dog: Reload
Depth Error: Pablo Steals
The Concrete Cookie +Dog: Plastic Bag
Maggot Farmer: Inpatients
Maggot Farmer: Sourpuss Suicide
Retrigger: Mete Bronca No Couro do Cabrito
Concrete Cookie vs. Incredibad: Everybody Dance!
Retrigger: TMNT vs the Sunset Riders
Depth Error: Please Reflect
Concrete Cookie: Shut Up [PMF]
Jism: Mikolaj
Maggot Farmer: Domestic Violence
Concrete Cookie: Northern Lights
Jism: Promenade
Concrete Cookie vs. Incredibad: Cocaine
Concrete Cookie vs. Incredibad: The Fast Lane
Concrete Cookie: City Boy
Depth Error: The Seeker
Retrigger: Tiburicio
Retrigger: Like Dynamite ( tha Place)

Mashup Soundsystem is a genre defying collective of electronic noisecore activists from Southern California. After releasing several 12" singles in the UK they release their debut full-length album for US label Hive Records. Having worked with acts such as Doormouse and Duranduranduran, Mashup Soundsystem call on services of Concrete Cookie, The Maggot Farmer, Incredibad, The Dog, Jism, Depth Error and Retrigger to lend a hand with their debut.

Uncompromising from the start, Mashup Soundsystem hit with a barrage of high octane beats from the outset and keep up the onslaught at a relentless pace. Slipping in selected samples as required, their music is indefinable. Bringing in elements of breakcore, noise, hard techno and hip-hop (amongst others) their music doesn't fit into one specific genre but draws from several others. From time to time things do slow down a little, like on the slow bassy grind of 'Pablo Steals', but it isn't long before they wind the beat back up to breakneck speeds. Nothing is sacred where these guys are concerned, samples are twisted and manipulated, electronics fractured and deconstructed with a BPM level that can be off the scale it is so intense and fast paced. They aren‚t without their fair share of humour too, albeit in an equally subversive and twisted manner. Which, quite honestly, can only be a good thing right? Another slightly slower interlude comes in the form of 'Mete Bronca No couro do Cabrito' which is basically a Latin glitch deconstruction followed by the hip-hop bastardisation of 'Everybody Dance!'. Then we have the breakcore madness of 'Please Reflect!' and the grinding drone and then cinematic tension of 'Mikolaj'. It's almost impossible to know what these guys are going to do next; such is the diversity of the music from track to track. Take 'Northern Lights' for example; a smooth electronic track with rapid fire beats and an assortment of TV samples including Homer Simpson. Then there is the totally addictive 'Cocaine' (pun intended) which is a hip-hop track with joyous breaks which is followed by the destroyed hip-hop of 'The Fast Lane'.

"A Great Escape from Lunacy" is insane, humorous and diverse. The sometimes relentless onslaught of breaks may be too much for some but for those that stick with it this album is a rewarding listen. Worth listening to for the crazy but brilliant 'Cocaine' alone.


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