CD: Public Guilt 005 [2006]
Ltd x 500 with insert

Coso Joru
Secret History
I Demand My Fucking Cloud
Peach is Pink
For the Father

Magicicada is the alter-ego of Atlanta based musician/sound designer/photographer, Christopher White. "Everyone is Everyone" features the blending of diverse sound and instrumental sources into an effusive and colorful whole. Through nine tracks (clocking in at just over an hour) east Asian instruments, found sounds, traditional American and European folk instruments, as well as electronics and field recordings come together to tell tales of personal triumphs and frustrations. Mr. White performs regularly live and this shows in the tracks on this CD. The first five hundred copies of "Everyone is Everyone" come with "...custom photo(s) plus random suprises!". No idea what those "random surprises" might be. Given the quality of the CD package and the imaginative artwork, i'm sure there's something intriguing to be found packaged with those first five hundred disks.

The track 'Secret History' is as interesting structurally as it is sonically. Very refreshing to be taken for a ride like this. The "instrumentation" featured here is equally as fascinating.

'Cause' features guitar. I love the guitar. It is an instrument of tremendous depth capable of immeasurable subtlty as well as extream harshness. The instrument is put to extremly good use here by Bill Coonan. Generally speaking, Magicacada's magnificent use of loops throughout this collection gives the pieces a sense form without dumbing down the intricacy. Nice work.


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