CD: Old Europa Café OECD 066 [2004]

Via Veneto Strip Tease
She Stirs My Cocktail
Katia (Piazzola di Vicchio)
Hot Heels
From Las Vegas To Hell
Black Rubber Exotica
Black Dalia
Martini Girl
Miss Exotique Tana Luise
My Sweet Betty
Mature Is Better
Dancing Mistress
Adesso è Buio

Adriano Vincenti is the main man behind Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte and "Black Rubber Exotica’ is the second release on OEC by this profoundly innovative artist.

"Black Rubber Exotica" takes the premise of ‘power electronics’ and twists it into something that will astound and amaze. The inside cover calls it ‘Las Vegas Power Electronics’ and never has a description been so apt. If your perception of ‘power electronic’ music is a wall of harsh sound then "Black Rubber Exotica" will change all that in an instant. Proper song structures and jazz, yeah fucking jazz, tinted musical pieces sit next to the noise that is usually to be expected with this type of music. Picture the strip joints of downtown 50’s LA with the girls removing there clothing in a smoked filled room whilst zoot suited punters are drinking their JD straight and the bored house band playing to only themselves. This music puts you right in there. Watching it all with dead eyes that have seen too much too soon. It’s a dangerous and claustrophobic atmosphere that seeps from every sweaty pore but the excitement and thrills are never far away.

This recording marks a huge landmark for the ‘power electronics’ scene and takes it kicking and screaming into another dimension. Totally outstanding. I’ve seen the future of ‘power electronics’ and Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte is it.


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