CD: Eqvilibrivm Mvsic EQM005 [2004]

Aegypto ad Siciliam
Personent hodie
Sub specie aeternitatis
Formis Melara Sanctus Filix
The wind that shakes the barley
Pilgrim's chant

Scene: The office of the MD of Equilibrium Music. Lupercalia have just played the master tape of their ‘Florilegium’ recording.

Riccardo Prencipe & Claudia Florio speak in unison: Well what do you think?

MD: I liked your playing Riccardo. Great variety of instruments and arrangements. Nicely treads the line between Medieval and Neo-Classical styles. You play everything yourself?

Riccardo: Yeah…pretty much so. I used old instruments and those new synths things to recreate an ‘olde worlde’ vibe to the whole thing.

MD: Works as well.

Claudia: What did you think of my singing?

MD: Good question Claudia. You got a very strong Soprano voice. What language are you singing in ‘cause I’m damned if I can made a word single out?

Claudia: Latin.

MD: Latin huh? That’s like a dead language right?

Claudia: Correcto mundo. Thing is…I’m actually singing about my terrible period pains and the problems of worming my cat. No-ones ever going to know though.

MD & Claudia & Riccardo in unison: Ha ha.

MD: Clever ploy. I think we’ll aim this recording at the Neo-Classic / Folk crowd and try and get those who like the Heavenly Voice / Dead can Dance style of music into it. That’s all down to your voice Claudia.

Riccardo & Claudia together: Great!

MD: The music is different enough to stand out from other releases that I think you should be very proud of your achievement with ‘Florilegium’.

Riccardo smiling hugely: Cheers.

MD: Just one thing though.

Riccardo: What?

MD: Don’t go ordering your Porches just yet.

Riccardo: Why?

MD: No-ones going to buy it. No matter how hard we promote it.

Riccardo: Their loss.

Riccardo & Claudia leave the offices of Equilibrium Music. Their dreams and illusions shattered by the cold light of reality. Riccardo to Claudia: Ah well. Back to the drawing board.


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