CD: Eibon LUA056 [2005]

The terrible place
Toxin industries
The vortex
The aftermath

Despite Luasa Raelon having issued in excess of 20 or so releases, this is my first introduction to this dark ambient / death industrial project that brings to light (or is that darkness?) a commendable take on staple aspects of the genre: sombre melodies, widescreen sweeping ambience, fragmented tonal outbursts, distant metallic clanging etc, etc…

The opening passage of the album comes via the track ‘The Terrible Place’, where the layered synth immediately brings to mind one of Brighter Death Now’s more subtle pieces, being the title track off the "Necrose Evangelicum" album (the track incidentally featured Mortiis on keyboards, before his awful goth rock metamorphosis), with such a comparison being a more then fare compliment. From here the dense atmosphere (atmos-fear?) is meticulously constructed bringing to the mind’s eye visions of vast decaying industrial spaces & murky cavernous spaces. Equally commendable is the album’s ability to evoke a palpable sense of lurking dread, yet it still managing to gradually draw you deeper into its claustrophobic realms.

Whilst not ground breaking by any means, this is still a massively pleasurable experience given how well it has been executed. Thereby good sirs, I tip my hat to you both Mr Luasa Raelon and Mr Eibon!


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