CD: Dragon Flight Recordings DFR-005 [2000]


LS-TTL is Brian Coffee.

'drktual'begins with a dark drone with orchestral overtones in the form of strings: very melancholic. Sparse electronic clicks & glitches and other electronic percussion and effects break the serenity. Very soundtrackish; dark and haunting. 'apoc' is a very cold, dark and brooding soundscape, constant with some electronic static to be heard. An echoed drum periodically appears. More electronic samples resonate over. Very slow and dense percussion and samples become slightly more regular as the track progresses. Would appeal to Mz.412/Archon Satani fans. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between the third track 'telek' and 'apoc' to begin, but then different samples (some high pitches, others guitar-based) enter and make it a song of its own, appealing to fans of dark ambience such as Lustmord, Hazard or Troum. 'eraf' exudes windswept soundscapes then heavy dirges and other echoed samples. Very cold in the old CMI style of Raison D'Être. 'tro' features distorted samples over drones and crackling electric. Minimal with echoed percussion, disturbed by distorted voice samples. Grinding metal against one another heralds 'orc' with very dense, distorted beats. Other percussion is well spaced out with lots of clanks and bumps. A very repetitive track which doesn't really seem to go anywhere. 'calmix' brings areal change in direction - straight into some rather harsh electronics. Other electronic samples come over yet still a drone is to be heard. Quite full-on with almost a rhythm but still one of the shorter tracks on the album. 'ameshc' is my favourite on the list. Slowly panning electric drones and washes whilst everything is distorted. Other samples come in every now and again with quite a minimal ambient feel. Similar in the way of Inade - I could listen to this all day! The last track is a deep vibrating rumble, sporadic and intense. Quite high-pitched electronics find their way in every now and again. This would definitely appeal to fans of Dual.

This is a really enchanting release with all the songs melting into one another, each being over seven minutes long. Encompassing and comes highly recommended!


[LS-TTL] / [Beauty & Pain (Formerly DFR)]

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