3" CDR: Inner Demons 001 [2004]

All The World's A Stage (But I Just Work The Lights)
A Letter That Will Never Be Sent

They used to say that inside everyone was a book waiting to be written. Mine was going to be called ‘Torturing children for fun and profit’. It would have been a pop-up picture book with very few words. The world isn’t ready for this yet. As technology in computer software & hardware has advanced the saying should now be amended to state that inside every person is a piece of music waiting to be foisted onto the unsuspecting public. Unfortunately 99% of what sees the light of day from proto musicians is utter shit. I know this from first hand. Luckily Loss falls into the 1% category.

When I got sent the Loss CD to review I thought that I had been sent an engagement ring with a proposal of marriage enclosed. It arrived in a bright red pouch that mega posh jewellers in Bond Street like to wrap their wares in. Thankfully there was a 3" CD inside and not a diamond as expected…although Loss is a jewel of a recording. I prefer my women to look like Jabba the Hut and not Kate Moss anyway. "A Letter That Will Never Be Sent" is three tracks combining rhythmic noise, power electronics, fucked up vocals, black ambient passages and melodic electronics. There seems to be an strong undercurrent of depression, repression and remorse for love lost in the songs that hint at the darker sides of life gone wrong. Happy shiny people this isn’t. Electro shock patients get all the best tunes. Having played this frequently there’s always something new to pick up within the recording. This varies from the actual words being grunted, spoken, sung to the very vibe being put out by the compelling waves of melancholy generated by the musician.

All in all "A Letter That Will Never Be Sent" is something very special that will be treasured by all who encounter it. If you miss out on this then it will be your Loss. We who are about to top ourselves salute you.


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