CD: Spectre S19 [2005]

The Turning
The Waste That Was To Be
Freedom In Ashes
Wrapped Up
Happy Ending?
As Seen On T.V.
A View From Afar
A Moment Of Reflection

Meeting up again with Loss is a little like hitching up with an ex-girlfriend. The first time you were together it was great…but then your eyes and hands wandered…and before you knew it you had dumped her for something fresher and newer and never thought about her until you bumped into her again suddenly. She looks different. More beautiful than you remembered. More mature in outlook. The memories come flooding back and once more your groin rules your head and you realise just what you missed about her all along. So you bite the bullet and embark on another torrid and fraught with danger relationship. Will it end happily? Only time will tell.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Loss recording. "A letter that will never be sent" [see review here] was a little three track gem that I’m ashamed to say I had erased from my memory. For newer pastures and all that read more recordings than you can shake a shitty stick at. "I kill everything" is, I’m happy to report, a happy reunion with this dynamic artist. He’s progressed musically tenfold as this recording amply demonstrates. The first thing that hits you is the sheer ferocity of the music. Power rhythmic electronics is the dish of the day served up for your delectation. For you to enjoy in other words. He has the gumption and nuance not to limit himself solely to this genre though and adds in portions of black ambience and melody / backbeats to the tunes as and when he feels it’s needed. Although the electronics can be overpowering at times he reins things in enough, almost to the point of mellow in parts, so as not to be too off putting for those not used to such…well…aggressive music.

The music on the eight tracks roars like resentment and hatred coming to the boil. The vocals are suitably demented and fucked up…you don’t call a recording "I kill everything" and sing in a flowery manner…and hard to decipher. Perhaps that’s for the good. For here is a man giving the impression of being engulfed by personal demons and expressing his disgust through music of nightmarish proportions. I’ve been spinning this regularly and can’t pinpoint who he reminds me of musically. Groups such as Skinny Puppy, Propergol and P.A.L and their ilk all went through my head and really it would be that sort of amalgamation of diverse acts that best sums up this latest release by Loss. He probably won’t agree with that assessment…I think my review of "A letter that will never be sent" confused him enough…so this one is bound to curry no favours.

All said and done though "I kill everything" is monumental in scope and power and a pretty unforgettable experience. Whether I’ll end up discarding Loss to someone else in the future I can’t say. For now though I’m in love again with an old flame and everything is fine.


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