CD: Dragon Flight Recordings LLC DFR008 [2001]

Black Resin
Blue Collar Noose
I Know How Long Your Legs Are
We are All Sheep
They are Lost
Bleed Through the Scriptures
At the End of a Gun,
At the Edge of a Knife
Industrial Requiem
Stainless Steel
A Reading, a Teaching and a Jihad
It's Not Me
Feast of the Assumption
Dissipated Existence

Lockweld's Industrial Requiem does exactly what it says on the tin, lying as it does on a historical axis that stretches back to Non and Throbbing Gristle via more recent exemplars such as Brighter Death Now. While they occasionally fall prey to the lame-vocal-effects syndrome that I find so personally irritating, Lockweld do have the defence that they are at least sometimes lucid and comprehensible, for example on anti-consumerism rant 'Blue Collar Noose'. Simple rhythm loops, slow sweeps of stark noise and ear-splitting stabs of resonant synth abuse are the order of the day here - the oscillator onslaught on 'We Are All Sheep' is particularly unsettling on headphones.

Good music for reminding you how much less fucked up you are than the rest of the species. But please chaps, next time produce the vocals in a way that sounds less, well... cheap. They'll have much more impact that way.


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