CDR: Ambimorpheous Recordings AR006 [2005]

Lithopædion 1
You Have No Control
Lithopædion 3
Lithopædion 4
Lithopædion 5
May Their Eyes Be Darkened (So They Cannot See)
Depression #3

Take a shotgun. Single, double or pump action - doesn’t matter which. Load it up. Aim it at your shoe. Pull the trigger. That my friends is how to shoot yourself in the foot. There are easier less painful methods. You could follow the way of Ambimorpheous Records for example.

Ambimorpheous Records, a label set up I believe by the artist Darin M Sullivan to promote his and his friends work, sent in 5 releases for review. Two by Order of Melchizedek (one exceedingly recommended, the other highly), Order of Black Vision (an essential must have) and 7 Seven 7 (so, so to put it mildly). Taking up the rear, which sounds painful and probably against Darin’s beliefs, is this release by Lithopaedion - another joint effort with Mr Murderous Vision himself Stephen B Petrus (who still hasn’t forgiven me for a review I once wrote). What separates this from the other four releases (apart from musically which we’ll soon come to), is that it was sent on a diabolical piece of shit CDR whereas all the others came with their complete artwork. Not a major sin in itself you may think, but, considering that this release is on equal par with the awesome Order of Black Vision release I’m flabbergasted that he hasn’t seen fit to include the full packaging for this review. An oversight that borders on rank stupidity. The toes are missing and the blood is a pumping.

This 4 track release features the artists venturing into the Power / Death Industrial genre - and boy is it one bumpy ride. The first track is a sub-10 minute visceral vision featuring the sampled tormented tortured screams of a man and a woman having horrible things inflicted on their bodies over a suitably bleak electronic backdrop. Voices mumble in the background as the screaming and music slowly intensifies to breaking point. The second track features a low-fi meandering piece of black electronic soundscaping which slowly takes form like an encroaching abominable force. Track three starts with a sample before descending into further chaotic unspeakable electrifying sounds. Track four finishes on a high octane blow out of scrambled vocals and ear splitting full volume noise. Aghast ridden horror fest be thine calling.

I could write more but I won’t. I could have given you the track listing but as they are stuck on the CDR which is still playing in my computer I can’t be arsed. Contempt shown as contempt given. Suffice to say though that this is a monumental powerhouse of a release that will appeal to fans of Megaptera, Propergol etc fucking etc. There’s nothing more to add.



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